DeliciOats™ Original Flavor 1 lb

DeliciOats™ Original Flavor 1 lb

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- Apple Cinnamon

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Packed with real apple chunks and a pinch of extra cinnamon, it’s the classic flavor that you keep coming back to.

- Blueberry Vanilla 

They remind people of blueberry muffins, so we thought about calling it that. But are there actual muffins in it? No. There are actual, delicious, whole blueberries and vanilla. No need to dress that up. We think you’ll agree.

- Cherry Chocolate

Ahh, the flavor that started it all. Inspired by the serendipity of having left over dutch oven cherry chocolate cobbler from the night before, and deciding to try it for breakfast in our overnight oats. When whole cherries + 100% real cocoa powder, and a bowl of overnight oats love each other very much…DeliciOats are conceived. (Don’t make it weird)

- Red Raspberry

Our founder, Phil’s, favorite. Yeah, you’d think “red” would be superfluous, but 1) fake “blue raspberry” flavors are everywhere, and 2) we like alliteration. Like this: realriperuby-red raspberries are ridiculously resplendent…andyummyinDeliciOats.

- Sweet Strawberry

Simple and creamy. Slices of real strawberries infuse the rolled oats with a rich flavor that make this our co-founder, Jihye’s, favorite.