How to Prep a Gourmet Breakfast In Under a Minute!

Do you love your backpacking breakfasts? You can have an amazing breakfast with ZERO morning prep, without settling for a dry, hardened protein bar or a "meal replacement" shake. DeliciOats will transform your mornings!

For most backpackers, breakfast is a choice between an unsatisfying "meal replacement" or spending precious time cooking. DeliciOats overnight oats makes breakfast on the trail simple, fast, healthy, and delicious. You won't even have to think about breakfast and you'll be energized all morning so you can focus on creating memories that last a lifetime.

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STOP Settling For a Sub-Par Breakfast!

It can feel like all your breakfast options have a dark side: like two sides of the same coin, you have to take the bad with the good:

  • Delicious BUT unhealthy
  • Nutritious BUT nasty
  • Quality BUT expensive
  • Affordable BUT second-rate
  • Satisfying BUT inconvenient
  • Convenient BUT lacking nutrition
  • Energizing BUT time-consuming
  • Filling BUT too heavy
  • Fast BUT too light
  • Easy BUT unenjoyable
DeliciOats Food Items Variety Pack Wholesale - Case of 25 Pouches

DeliciOats Has It All

While other breakfast options do require these compromises, DeliciOats has ALL of the benefits above with NONE of the drawbacks. No more either/or choices.

The Solution to Your Problem

At DeliciOats we know that you want to be someone who creates life-changing experiences through outdoor adventure.

In order to do that, you need a quality breakfast that fuels your adventures, without having to spend your mornings cooking.

The problem is it seems like all your breakfast options force you to make trade-offs you don't want to make...

Which leaves you feeling like you're stuck with two choices when it comes to breakfast:

  1. Quick but
    unsatisfying OR
  2. Quality but

We created DeliciOats based on our foundational belief that an adventure breakfast shouldn't force you to choose between quick and easy OR satisfying and delicious.

It should be…

  • Delicious AND
  • Quality AND
  • Satisfying AND
  • Energizing &
    Filling AND Fast & Easy

We understand how
hard it can be to find that "unicorn" breakfast you're looking for.

You've probably had the experience of realizing too late that your chosen breakfast sucks, but now you're stuck with it. Potentially for days.

That's why we created DeliciOats -- to solve this problem for outdoor adventurers like you
(and us).

And it couldn't be simpler. Here's how it works:

1. Choose your flavors. Click "Shop Now" to choose from our different size and flavor packs (discounts on multi-packs and on our super customizable subscriptions).

2. Your DeliciOats is shipped. We'll package and ship your DeliciOats directly to your door.

3. Prep it in under a minute. Just add unheated water, shake, then sleep. Breakfast
will be ready to enjoy the second you wake up!

You won't be able to decide if your favorite step is sleeping or eating your DeliciOats.

So, order your DeliciOats right now to get a healthy breakfast you crave.

And in the meantime, check out this blog post to learn how to prepare and fuel your body for adventure.

So you can stop spending so much time on sub-par breakfasts that don't satisfy, and instead focus on creating the life-changing adventures and memories you crave.

  • Delicious AND Nutritious

    Enjoy nutrient-packed DeliciOats without sacrificing flavor. It is packed with complete protein, healthy fat, and complex carbs. And it's so good that you'll crave it.

  • Quality AND Affordable

    Indulge in the goodness of DeliciOats: high quality overnight oats that won't break the bank. Enjoy a delicious and affordable breakfast every day.

  • Convenient AND Satisfying

    With both quick and long-burning energy from the complex carbs, healthy fats, and complete protein, it's as easy as can be to prep: just add unheated water and shake!

  • Susanne W: I'm done with hot oatmeal

    I don't like fooling with a camp stove in the morning. I like breakfast to be easy. But I do like how substantive and healthy oats can be, so these were perfect for my backpacking trip... They fill me up and are easy to eat. I definitely recommend these for low maintenance, nutrient dense hiking food.

  • Blueberry Vanilla DeliciOats on lap, with dog and waterfall in background

    Megan Saber: Freaking DELICIOUS

    I've taken my Delicioats on two separate hikes and they kept my energy up and provided a protein-packed meal to sustain me till the end of my day. I love that they don't contain any added sugar and they're truly delicious. HIGHLY recommend to anyone!

  • JL: Great on-the-go comfort breakfast

    Really delicious, great serving size, and the kids love them! The Cold water instructions for overnight oats or for camping without hot water was appreciated. Regular hot water prep was the way we went. Good variety of flavors, and all of them are tasty. Love this brand!

  • Chad L: My new go to breakfast meal!

    Super tasty and convenient, will be using these for all kinds of outdoor adventures!

DeliciOats Food Items DeliciOats™ Apple Cinnamon

The Perfect Start to DO Your Day!

We've created the perfect breakfast for outdoor adventures. You don't have to spend 30 minutes cooking in order to get a truly satisfying meal on the trail. In fact, you don't have to cook at all!

Just add UNHEATED water to the pouch and shake. It takes less than a minute of nighttime prep. It's ready the second you wake up, so you can sleep longer or start earlier, and still get a delicious, nutritious, gourmet breakfast that will keep you full and energized -- all with ZERO cooking, cleanup, or morning prep.

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    No cooking -- or even boiling water -- involved.


    Re-seal the zipper top and shake the pouch; no dirty spoons or bowls.


    Yep, one of the steps to prepping DeliciOats is SLEEP! It's ready the second you wake up.

We Understand How It Feels... wake up early or get a later start than you wanted, just so you can cook, because you're so tired of "meal replacements" for breakfast. But what would it be like to have a great breakfast with ZERO cooking, cleanup, or morning prep?

30 minutes of cooking time saved per day over a 5-day backpacking trip = 2.5 hours of food prep time saved = 2.5 more hours of creating life-long and life-changing memories (or 2.5 more hours of sleep -- you decide 😉).

  • Choose Your DeliciOats

    Click "Shop Now" to choose from our different quantity and flavor packs. (discounts on multi-packs and on our super customizable subscriptions)

    Shop Now 
  • Your DeliciOats Is Shipped

    We'll package and ship your DeliciOats directly to your door. And with our Subscribe & Save program we'll ship them as often as you tell us to.

  • Prep Your DeliciOats

    It couldn't be easier. Just add unheated water & shake, get a good night's sleep knowing your breakfast is basically prepping itself, then wake up and enjoy!

We Know What You Might Be Thinking...

Cold oatmeal? Sounds strange.

  • We get it. Cold-soaked oats can seem like a foreign concept, but DeliciOats is not cold oatmeal. It has real fruit, and a bunch of other mix-ins to enhance the flavor, the texture, and the nutritional value. And it's cold-soaked, not boiled into a mushy porridge like oatmeal. So, unlike oatmeal, the texture is actually appetizing.

What happens if I don't like it?

  • We have a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee! If you try it and don't like it, just let us know and we'll be happy to refund your money. We are so confident in our product that we can stand behind it with that guarantee, without reservation.

$9 just for oats?

  • We wouldn't pay $9 just for oats either. But DeliciOats is a whole lot more. There's also real freeze dried fruit (have you priced that in stores?), chia seeds, hemp seeds, peanut flour, sweetener, cinnamon, and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. Everything you would want to add to your overnight oats at home, all in one pouch. Plus it's two legit servings, so you're getting a lot in a pouch. In our opinion, the value is amazing. If you don't eat it all in one sitting, it'll keep, no problem, because there's no dairy or anything that will spoil quickly. For additional ways to reduce the cost…
  • Buy our multi-packs, which give you up to a dollar off per pouch just for buying more!
  • Sign up for our emails to receive a discount on your first order, so you can try it for cheaper to make sure you love it.

Really? All the benefits and none of the drawbacks?


  • Delicious AND Nutritious
  • Quality AND Affordable
  • Satisfying AND Convenient
  • Energizing AND Filling
  • Fast AND Easy

It truly is all of the above. And all with 42 seconds of prep, and ZERO cooking,
cleanup, or morning prep. Don't just take our word for it. Check out the reviews and try it for yourself.

Does it really only take 42 seconds to prepare it?

  • Well, to be honest, when we've timed ourselves it's actually taken even less time than that (without rushing it). The specific number 42 is kind of an homage we're paying to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Because DeliciOats is the TRUE "answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything," right? 🤷‍♂️ IYKYK.
  • But seriously, yes, DeliciOats can easily be prepared -- from ripping open the top, to the final shake -- in just 42 seconds. And yes, you do need to then let it cold soak to work its magic, but we're not trying to pull the wool over your eyes. The point we're making is that your active prep time the night before is less than a minute, and in the morning you get an amazing, gourmet breakfast with no morning prep. It almost feels like a miracle.
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