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What are overnight oats?

Overnight oats is an extremely versatile food. There are many overnight oats recipes out there, but the main base is always oats, and there are usually seeds and spices of various kinds mixed in, and toppings of fruit, nuts, nut butters, sweeteners, etc.

Overnight oats are super nutritious, although their nutritional value obviously depends on the specific recipe, and too much sugar can render it unhealthy.

  • The oats and nut butters provide a good source of complete proteins
  • The oats provide complex carbohydrates
  • The nuts/nut butters and seeds provide healthy fats, protein, and other nutrients

Overnight oats are made without the use of heat or cooking of any kind. Simply mix all the dry ingredients together, mix in your liquid of choice (most recipes call for milk of some kind, but DeliciOats was specially developed to use water, so it’s backpacking friendly), and let it steep or soak overnight (or at least three hours). Then, when you’re ready to eat it, you simply add your toppings and enjoy it. Sounds amazing, does it? It is! We crave this stuff.


DeliciOats is our special recipe that we created specifically for backpacking and other outdoor adventures. No need to carry separate mix-ins or try to keep milk or fruit fresh on the trail. Everything but the water is ready-mixed in the pouch! Just add unheated water!

Is this cold oatmeal?

DeliciOats is SO much more than oatmeal. If you were to boil oats and then let them sit out, that’s what we would call cold oatmeal. It results in a glue-like substance with a mushy, sticky texture. DeliciOats don’t have any of those issues, and are so much more than just oats! With DeliciOats

  • The rolled oats retain a soft texture without all the oats smashing together into mush
  • The chia seeds provide a subtle crunch
  • The hemp hearts have a near-crunch that adds another level of complexity to the texture
  • The peanut flour makes it creamy and flavorful
  • The sugar-free sweetener adds just enough sweetness while keeping it healthy
  • The seasonings add a delicious flavor that you’re going to love
  • Finally, the freeze dried fruit re-hydrates to give DeliciOats a fresh-fruit flavor

So no, this is far from cold oatmeal. As soon as you try it you’ll agree.

What is DeliciOats?

DeliciOats is the result of well over a hundred test recipes to make overnight oats backpacker friendly. It had to have the following features:

  • Nutritional value needed for the rigors of backpacking and other outdoor adventure
  • Easy and quick prep
  • Require no morning prep or cleanup
  • Work with water, since milk isn’t an option for backpacking due to spoilage
  • Most importantly, it had to taste delicious – nothing else would matter if you didn’t want to eat it on the trail.

After a lot of trial and error we finally found our winner! Then we created five variations of fruit flavors. The result is a breakfast food that meets all of the requirements above:

  • It provides plenty of complete proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats, with no added sugar
  • It takes less than a minute to prep at night, with ZERO morning prep, so it’s ready to be eaten the moment you wake up
  • It is eaten directly out of the pouch, so there is no cleanup after prep or after eating
  • Other overnight oats products require milk, but our recipe is creamy and optimized for taste and texture using just water
  • It’s soooo good! The textures and flavors are rich, because I use high-quality ingredients – including real freeze dried fruit that re-hydrates with a fresh fruit flavor.

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