Small Business Sales Week: 20% off all DeliciOats!

May 14-21, 2024 is Garage Grown Gear's annual Small Business Sales Week, and we are going all in with a 20% site-wide discount! Stock up on your favorite DeliciOats overnight oats flavors to last you through your entire outdoor adventure season!

Whether that means just the warm months for you, or if you do your adventuring year-round, DeliciOats is perfect for you! DeliciOats can be prepared as overnight oats by cold-soaking them, or made like traditional oatmeal by adding boiling water directly to the pouch, for a hot meal on an extra cold morning.

We set no limit on the amount you can buy, and we're not sure if we'll regret that or not 🤪 so we can't guarantee we'll ever do this again!

Garage Grown Gear is an online outdoor retailer that sells products from small and cottage outdoor brands like DeliciOats. They're awesome, and you should definitely check them out for all your outdoor gear needs. We'll link you to them lower down on the page.

But first...

Check out our most popular product below, the Variety Pack!

  • DeliciOats Food Items 3x Cherry Chocolate & 3x Blueberry Vanilla

    2 Flavor 6 Packs

    Got a couple of favorites? We have 2 Flavor 6 Packs with every flavor combination! From 3 Red Raspberry + 3 Sweet Strawberry to 3 Apple Cinnamon + 3 Blueberry Vanilla!

    • 2 Flavor 6 Packs and Variety Packs are priced to give you $1 off per pouch compared to buying single pouches!
    Shop 2 Flavor 6 Packs 
  • DeliciOats Food Items 3x Apple Cinnamon & 3x Red Raspberry


    Is there a flavor or two you want to try? Grab a single pouch of any flavor and discover your new favorite!

    But if you want to try them all or have a couple flavors you know you'll like, be sure to take advantage of multi-pack discounts!

    Shop Individual Flavor Packs 
  • NEW Original Flavor

    Prefer to make it your own by adding your favorite toppings?

    We just released our Original Flavor that makes up the base of all of our fruit flavors!

    Available in a larger 1 lb pouch for measuring out the portion you need. Add whatever you want to create your new favorite!

    This is our only peanut-free flavor!

    Shop the Original Flavor 

After you stock up on your DeliciOats...

check out the dozens of other small outdoor brands also running deals this week! In collaboration with Garage Grown Gear, this Small Business Sales Week highlights the amazing small and cottage brands that make up the outdoor community! Now through May 21st, Shop all deals HERE!